Love and Compassion

It's Valentine's Day and I encourage you to find the time to send love and compassion to yourself.  You can find one version of the Loving Kindness Meditation below.  You can also find a recording of me guiding you through this on my SoundCloud account.

Sit up on a blanket, cushion, or chair.  Close your eyes.  Anchor down through your seat while you lift up through your crown.  Close your eyes, breathe in breathe out.

Bring yourself to mind as you say these words to yourself.

May I be happy

May I be well

May I be safe

May I be free from suffering

Repeat several times.  Once you feel comfortable sending this love and compassion to yourself, you can bring others to mind, including loved ones, pets, children, strangers, and even those who you find difficult.

May your day be filled with love and compassion.